Artist: Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera -Young Woman Seated at the Virginal

A lost painting by Diego Rivera was discovered in the private collection of a Texas man. The owner’s great-grandparents purchased the painting in 1930 and kept it in their family for generations. In the late 1990s the owner had the painting restored. The owner also brought the painting to an appraiser who realized that the painting was a 1904 work by Diego Rivera titled “El Albañil” or “The Bricklayer.” Rivera scholars were previously unaware of the painting’s location until it was again exhibited around 1995 or 1996. The painting is an important work as Rivera was only an 18 year-old student at the time of its creation. For many years the painting was in poor condition and the owner did not believe the work would have significant value. Once the painting was restored and taken to an appraiser, the value was determined to be between $800,000 and one million dollars. Restoration and provenance research are often key factors in art authentication, as owners are often unaware that they own lost or forgotten masterpieces.

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