Artist: Auguste Renoir

Scientific tests: Image scanning, laser light, nanotechnology

Auguste Renoir

In 2014 conservators and scientists at the Art Institute of Chicago made an interesting discovery after removing the frame of a Renoir painting titled “Madame Léon Clapisson.” The painting was first created and exhibited in 1883. Once the painting’s frame was removed, conservators noticed brightly colored paint around the edges. This signaled that the colors of the painting had significantly faded, making the palette look drastically different than it would have over a hundred years ago.

Scientists were able to use scientific testing such as image scans. Laser light and nanotechnology to realize the original colors of the Renoir painting. They then created a digital reproduction portraying the intended palette. This type of scientific testing can be of use, especially when paintings have faded or undergone other physical changes due to age, light or water damage.

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