Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Scientific Test: infra-red, ultraviolet, x-rays

Leonardo da Vinci - Christ as Salvator Mundi

A long lost painting titled “Christ as Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci has been under study for the past several decades. The painting depicts Jesus Christ with one hand raised and the other holding an orb. The painting was unseen for over 150 years before selling in 1958 for 45 GBP, as a work attributed to one of da Vinci’s studio assistants. Since 2005 the painting has sold several times, with a largely inflated value at each sale, reaching 127.5 million USD.

When the painting was first rediscovered the wood panel had split and the surface had been over-painted several times. Conservators have used infra-red, ultraviolet and x-ray testing to prove that the painting is an original.

Scholars believe the painting dates back to 1500, and has royal provenance going back to the ownership of King Charles I. The find is extremely rare as only 20 da Vinci paintings are believed to exist in the world.

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